Why BerniePortal?

A simple solution for employees & a powerful tool for HR.

Why BerniePortal?

A simple solution for employees & a powerful tool for HR.

Is HR Getting the Best of You?

You’re stressed. Overworked. Possibly even under-appreciated. Between constantly playing catch-up with paperwork and putting out daily fires, you’re never ahead of the curve, no matter how small. You spend your days working on reactive, transactional requests like: 

What benefits do I have?

Can I request a day off?

Can I update my direct deposit?

Can you correct my timesheet?

Where is my pay stub?

But with BerniePortal, you won’t have to.

Streamline HR Functions with BerniePortal

BerniePortal is an easy-to-use, all-in-one human resources information system (HRIS) that automates common administrative HR tasks like benefits administration, applicant tracking, compliance, payroll, and more. 

A robust HRIS like BerniePortal means you can track and manage HR functions using a streamlined digital hub. It also means that your employees can access self-service features with a single log-in. Gone are the days when you would spend hours calculating hours and withholdings, taking on manual tasks, fixing clerical errors, adjusting filing woes, and searching for missing information.

It’s simple and intuitive, but don’t be fooled—BerniePortal is a powerful tool for HR that makes HR-related tasks easier for all employees.

Elevate Your Role—and Build a Better Organization

When you spend less time wading through administrative task after administrative task, you free up more time for more strategic projects. The result? Happier leadership, managers, and employees. 

Not to mention a more effective and top-notch HR department. You’ll be providing your organization with leading software just like your sales, marketing, and other departments do. Using BerniePortal will feel like you’ve started an entirely new job—one that empowers you to elevate your role and the organization.

Stay in Top Shape with Free Education Resources

BerniePortal is so much more than a software platform.

We’ve got your back to keep you informed and ready to face anything, no matter the challenge.

We let you invest in your people.

“From a user standpoint, I love it. I haven’t filled out a paper form in years. I’m not very trusting. Paper gets misplaced. How do I know my whole form got sent over? At other companies I’ve used an electronic system, but it wasn’t as robust as BerniePortal."

Lisa Wallace EDL Energy

“What’s made me happiest while working with BerniePortal is the ease of use — the fact that my employees no longer have to fill out paper forms, and we can all access the system in one place.”

Leanne Orr Discount Electronics

Ready to simplify HR?

Ready to simplify HR?