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A simple solution for employees & a powerful tool for HR.

Check out the BerniePortal difference that sets us apart from other HR software solutions.

We’re the only HR software solution that manages the entire employee lifecycle natively.

There’s power in your data – and we want you to harness it. A single all-in-one HR software solution means everything works together like it should – that’s better for businesses, and better for your employees.

BerniePortal's HR solution provides the most robust benefits administration software in the market.

Employee benefits can be complicated, but enrollment doesn’t have to be. BerniePortal guides employees through the benefits enrollment process, which makes picking a benefit plan more like online shopping.

BerniePortal Benefits Administration is available through our broker partners nationwide

Starting at no cost

Our model means local support for your business and your software.

Our model leverages the support of trusted, on-the-ground benefits advisors for your organization. They focus on benefits, you focus on your people, and we focus on making it all work. Check out the BerniePortal reviews:

We built a simplified, mobile HR experience.

We know every business uses technology differently. Whether your employees are office-based or out on the job, BerniePortal’s HR software solution is easy to use, no matter where you are, or what kind of work you do.

Complete onboarding documents

View benefit elections

Clock in & out

Review & sign notices

We let you invest in your people.

Our advisor-supported model means BerniePortal is one of the lowest-cost, fully-comprehensive HR software solutions in the market. This means better value for small businesses.

"Before BerniePortal, we handled benefits enrollment the old fashioned way. Employees would sign up one by one on paper, and it was a long, tedious process. Trying to keep track of the paperwork was time-consuming. Now, we’ve saved time and have peace of mind that everyone is signed up correctly and all the payroll items match up."

Blake Gillum Data Enterprises, Inc.

"Prior to the use of BerniePortal, it was a very tedious process of sending benefit applications to a multitude of benefit providers to communicate everything from onboarding, address changes, life events, terminations, etc. BerniePortal has simplified this process in many ways making it easier– not only for HR– but also for the employee."

Jennifer Meeker Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership

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