BerniePortal COBRA Administration

Take the sting out of COBRA Administration with BerniePortal’s COBRA and state continuation services.

BerniePortal COBRA Administration

Take the sting out of COBRA Administration.

COBRA Administration is a hassle. BerniePortal makes it easy. Here’s how it works:

1. Deliver Notices

BerniePortal COBRA Services monitors new hires and terminations and sends notices so you don’t have to.

2. COBRA Enrollment

BerniePortal COBRA Administration distributes COBRA welcome letters and eligibility information to employees and notifies employers when coverage starts and terminates.

3. Streamline Payments

BerniePortal collects and processes all COBRA payments from enrollees, remitting premiums to the employer twice every month.

State Continuation

BerniePortal also provides administrative services for employers with less than 20 employees that qualify for state continuation.

What our partners say about BerniePortal COBRA Administration

“Bernie Portal simplifies the whole COBRA process as it takes just a couple of clicks and the employee is terminated in the portal and the COBRA team is notified of the event to send out the COBRA letter.”

Laura Devalen, Sterling Seacrest

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