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HR Party of One is BerniePortal’s new YouTube series and podcast for HR professionals. It focuses on understanding and demystifying the Human Resources issues facing small and medium-sized employers while tackling topics like benefits, compliance, onboarding, offboarding, payroll, and more!


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Improve Your Onboarding Process

In this episode host Ryan McCostlin discusses how you can improve your employee onboarding process and how a great onboarding process can improve employee retention. He dives into how an onboarding checklist can streamline your onboarding process and even gives you access to his free onboarding checklist.




How to Write Job Descriptions

In this episode host Ryan McCostlin provides tips on writing job descriptions. He covers the history of the job description and current job description best practices. You’ll learn why you should avoid terms like “rockstar” or “ninja” in job titles along with the importance of clearly listing job responsibilities and requirements. He also provides job description examples and goes over the importance of including equal opportunity and nondiscrimination language in your job descriptions.




Overtime Pay: Exempt vs. Non-Exempt

In this episode host Ryan McCostlin goes over the 2020 changes to overtime pay. He covers the history of the 40 hour work week and the foundation of overtime law. Ryan discusses the difference between exempt vs. non-exempt employees, plus the benefits of having exempt and non-exempt employees. He also divulges the “Five Stages of Overtime Grief” that come when having to restructure an organization, along with tips for transitioning to become compliant with the new overtime law.




How to Conduct an HR Audit

In this episode host Ryan McCostlin talks about the biggest HR and compliance failures of the year, and explains how to avoid similar mistakes through the power of auditing. He explains the various types of audits a company can utilize to both ensure compliance and streamline operations. He also provides a free HR Audit Checklist you can use to review your current HR practices.




HR’s Guide to 1095-C Forms

In this episode, BerniePortal’s Ryan McCostlin explores the history of the 1095-C and how employers can remain compliant with the Affordable Care Act employer mandate. He covers 1095-C deadlines, potential penalties, how to file electronically and even gives updates on the individual mandate.




How to Write a Mission Statement

In this episode host Ryan McCostlin gives a brief history of modern Human Resources, goes over why you should write a mission statement, what to consider when crafting your mission statement, and provides examples of effective mission statements.



Meet the Host

Meet BerniePortal’s own HR party of one, Ryan McCostlin. Ryan has a BS from Vanderbilt and an MBA from Yale. He has taught as an adjunct instructor of organizational development at Vanderbilt University, and has served on the health insurance advisory council for Get Covered Tennessee and as a faculty member for the Tennessee Bar Association. As a result of this work, he is a regular contributor to Financial Advisor Magazine, ThinkAdvisor, Managed Healthcare Executive, and Becker’s Hospital Review.

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