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How our customers use BerniePortal to handle employee-facing administrative tasks.

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Coast Pavement Services in Oregon

Patti Bradley

Coast Pavement Services is based in Portland, Oregon, and builds cleaner, safer roads and other similar projects in its community. But in order to spend time bettering its community and company, Coast Pavement’s HR pro, Patti, had to find a way to streamline her role so she could focus on improving the business. BerniePortal gives her that time.

Oliver Family Healthcare in Indiana

Lisa and Chris Brinkley, N.P.

Oliver Family Healthcare uses BerniePortal to handle its employer-facing administrative tasks. Hear how this Indiana-based clinic utilizes applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits administration, and payroll features to streamline the employee lifecycle–and even improve the owners’ marriage!

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Introspection Counseling Center

Dr. Deirdra Oretade-Branch

Dr. Dierdra Oretade-Branch is an entrepreneur and small-business owner running a thriving virtual mental health practice, Introspection Counseling Center. Since she started her practice in 2021, it has grown from just herself to 10 employees serving four states.

As owner, clinician, hiring manager, and HR pro at her organization, Dierdra didn’t have time to foster a good place to work alongside running her business.  

“I’m a newbie at having a business and doing HR, so I’m looking for systems with experts I can rely on for information. BerniePortal has a lot of useful information that was helpful and clearly presented. I was looking for a system that can support me, answer my questions along the way, and provide knowledge as needed.”

That’s where BerniePortal came in. Read more about her experience streamlining her employee-facing administrative tasks.

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