BerniePortal Performance Management

Inspire employee excellence with ongoing communication and feedback.

BerniePortal Performance Management

Inspire employee excellence with ongoing communication and feedback.

What is a 1:1?

A 1:1 is a regularly scheduled meeting that managers hold with each of their direct reports, ideally weekly, to provide an ongoing outlet for open communication and dialogue on the full scope of an employee’s responsibilities, successes, and concerns.

Why are 1:1s important?

1:1s provide the opportunity for continuous feedback, coaching, and growth-centric conversations, not to mention their benefit from a compliance standpoint. Weekly 1:1s allow for increased visibility and accountability for managers and employees alike.

Manage 1:1 Meetings

Clarify and align goals, and easily track employee progress, with BerniePortal’s Performance Management feature. Maintain consistency with organized 1:1 agendas, summaries, and discussions in a central message chain.

Promote Employee Development

Improve performance and inspire employees with high-quality feedback and an open forum to discuss challenges and career growth opportunities.

Document and Track

Ensure compliance and accountability with real-time documentation of conversations between employees and managers. BerniePortal also makes it possible to grant customized viewership permissions and easily transfer message threads to other members of the organization.

Nurture Relationships

Create strong relationships between managers and employees and cultivate a positive company culture. BerniePortal’s Performance Management tool encourages transparency at all levels of the organization, building a robust and unified workforce.

What our partners say about BerniePortal

“Our experience with BerniePortal has been exceptionally unique and helpful in propelling technology advancement within our business relationships.”

Dwayne Wilson, Dwayne Wilson Insurance and Financial Services

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