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Positive company culture is critical in retention and often in recruiting top talent, too. BerniePortal makes it easy to take the pulse of employee and manager satisfaction with surveys. Company-wide surveys can help leadership teams meet organizational goals while individual surveys keep it personal by providing a platform for performance appraisal, reviews, 360-degree feedback, and goal setting. 

Employees selected to participate in a survey will receive a real-time email notification when it goes live, alerting them to respond within their BerniePortal account. Use our performance management software to spend less time tracking down responses and more time putting employee feedback into action.


BerniePortal Performance Management feature allows managers to set up 1:1 meetings with each of their reportees to communicate, clarify, and document job performance and organizational goals. Managers who use 1:1 sessions increase employee development and engagement, resulting in long-term company satisfaction.

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