Applicant Tracking

Successful Business Starts With Successful Recruiting

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Attract More Applicants

Easily Manage Candidates

Seamlessly Transition New Hires to Onboarding

Get Organized

Keep applications organized through all phases of your hiring processes so you can focus on recruiting top talent and creating a great candidate experience.

Manage Candidate Pipelines

Easily track, filter, and move your candidates through your hiring process.

Collaborative Decisions

Keep things moving without a drop in communication. Internal feedback allows hiring managers and hiring influencers to communicate next steps and/or hiring decisions in one convenient location.

Custom Hiring Stages

We realize that a company like yours is unique- that’s why we provide you with the ability to customize each hiring stage for each job posting so your applicants feel informed in your unique processes.

Seamless Onboarding

You just received a signed job offer letter back, now what? Seamlessly transition your new hire through the 3-step guided onboarding process, eliminating the redundancy for filling out the same information twice. 

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