Time & Attendance

Time Management Without The Time Commitment

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Increase Accuracy of Reporting


BerniePortal’s self-service Time and Attendance feature allows employees to clock in and out, request time edits from their manager when needed, and view real-time data reports. Employees will appreciate the ease of use while managers will appreciate the ability to control labor costs and to set IP-address restrictions for clocking in/out.


When it comes to employee time tracking, accurate reporting is crucial. If your company has multiple projects that require different timesheets, employees can select the one for which they are clocking in. Keep a record of time additions or deletions, projects worked on, approvals, and any other modifications made to your employees’ timesheets—all within BerniePortal.

Accurate Payroll Runs

BerniePortal’s Payroll feature works in harmony with Time & Attendance by seamlessly auto-populating employee hours and overtime for every pay period. Save your organization money with accurate time calculations and less manual data entry using BerniePortal’s Payroll Feature.

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With BerniePortal’s Time & Attendance feature you can accurately track employee work hours without the paperwork.

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