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Evidence of Insurability (EOI)

What is Evidence of Insurability (EOI)?

Evidence of Insurability, also known as EOI, is an application process where you provide information on the current and past condition of your health, your spouse’s health, and your dependent’s health in order to enroll in certain types of insurance coverage.

When is an EOI required?

For example, insurance companies may require an EOI:

  • You choose to enroll in a coverage amount that exceeds the policy’s guaranteed issue (GI). 
  • Wishing to enroll in coverage after your new hire eligibility window. 
  • Electing to increase your coverage mid-year. 

What does it mean to require EOI?

Meanwhile, insurance companies look for good health in order to allow applicants to enroll in their insurance. Additionally, an EOI will allow the company to deem you approved or denied for the coverage you and your dependents request.

What common questions are asked on an EOI?

To sum up, the most common types of questions asked on an EOI include: 

  • Personal identification
  • Medical conditions
  • Physicians/clinics
  • Insurance coverage details
  • Employment details

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