BerniePortal Features

Tools to solve your transactional HR and benefits challenges.

BerniePortal Features


Simplify onboarding with online W-4s, W-9s, I-9s and customizable forms.


• No more stacks of new hire papers during the hiring process

• Automatically generate W-4s, I-9s, W-9s, state withholdings and direct deposit

• Edit and update all employees’ new hire documents, such as employee agreements, handbooks, emergency contact forms, etc.

• Year-round storage to help ensure record-keeping compliance

Online Benefits

Provide employees with “at-their-fingertips” access to a year-round portal.

• Simplify open enrollment and improve benefits communication by going online

• Check current enrollment status, pending coverages and outstanding benefit enrollments

• Attract top talent by executing more benefits strategies and utilizing robust funding options 

• Utilize proprietary carrier form mapping technology 

PTO Tracking

Tracking time off is a breeze with everything stored online.

• Streamline employee time off requests and approvals 

• Employee self-service allows employees to easily request time off and check their time off balance

• Customizable to accommodate various PTO policies including accrual, floating holidays, sick, vacation, and personal days. 



Increase compliance and save time with native 1094-C/1095-C reporting.

• The IRS has granted BerniePortal a Transmitter Control Code for electronic filing of ACA information returns—required for groups filing more than 250 1095-Cs.

• Since all benefits information is stored in BerniePortal, data entry and third party applications are no longer necessary. 

• Our 1094-C/1095-C reporting was built natively by the BerniePortal team which means a streamlined experience saving you time and frustration.

Time & Attendance

Optimize time tracking and time-off management.

• Employees can clock in and out using a single button

• Time edits can easily be approved or rejected by administrators 

• Easy-to-read dashboards for employees 

• Utilize the BerniePortal iPhone app for employees on the go


Payroll Integration

Integrate with leading payroll providers.

pay-roll• Communicate benefit deductions and payroll information with leading payroll providers 

• BerniePortal was the first benefits administration platform on the ADP Marketplace

• Utilize both API and EDI integrations



Carrier Integration

Integrate with leading insurance carriers.

• Communicating elections to carriers is easier than ever

• Integrate with a wide array of leading insurance carriers 

• Utilize both API and EDI integrations 




 Increase compliance with BerniePortal notices. 

• Stay compliant and publish important notices such as company-wide announcements 

• Require employee signatures and acknowledgement 

• Send out reminders to individual employees that are taking longer to review a notice




Create a “branded” feel for your organization.

• Customize BerniePortal by adding your company logo which is visible at the top left of all pages.  

• Brand your BerniePortal to current employees and new hires.

iPhone Application

All of what BerniePortal offers, now at your fingertips.

• Easy access to review benefit elections, plan documents and notices

• Complete the entire onboarding process, including upload important hire documents, via camera

• Check live HSA balance 

• Clock in and out on the go


Built-in consolidated billing.

• Bernie Billing allows employers to generate bills they get from their benefit providers in real-time – providing a more accurate and timely billing process, a smaller chance for errors and real-time edits

• Generate, audit, and download bills as PDFs for future reference

• Why is Bernie Billing able to to this? Because the benefit providers that are part of Bernie Billing agreed to issue their bills via BerniePortal.


Simplify offboarding and start the COBRA process 

• Start COBRA administration with the click of a button

• No more conducting two sets of open enrollment processes – one for active employees, one for COBRA enrollees. With Bernie, everyone can receive the same information at open enrollment and enroll in the same way at the same time.

BerniePortal Features – Benefits Administration & HR Software

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