HR Glossary for HR Professionals

Glossary of the most common HR terms and acronyms to assist professionals navigating the ever-growing and ever-changing world of HR terminology.

Mission Statement

What Is a Mission Statement

Mission statements create a framework for a company’s goals and results—and establish how daily work contributes toward achieving them. They’re helpful for individuals, organizations, and teams.
Regardless of the action, mission statements empower HR professionals to ask, “Is this decision aligned with my mission statement and achieving the goals I’ve identified?

Why Create a Mission?

Many HR teams are focused on aligning their work with the organization’s goals. This alignment can elevate the position and create a greater sense of achievement.

An HR mission statement will articulate your company’s values, culture, and business goals—and how the work you do helps make those things happen. It’s a touchstone for your organization and your work.

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