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Group Interview

What Is the Purpose of an Interview

The interview is an opportunity for employers to identify the best candidate for a role within their organization. Interviews differ depending on the position and often vary in length, formality, and style.

Though interviews may vary widely depending upon the position, the overall hiring process should be structured and standardized within your organization.

What Is a Group Interview

Group interviews involve two or more candidates and one or more interviewers. It’s occasionally called a “candidate group interview.”

Group interviews are an efficient way to assess multiple candidates in a relatively short amount of time. That’s probably the most attractive reason hiring managers choose this format. The group interview also provides a unique opportunity for interviewers to observe how candidates interact with their peers.

Group interviews can make it difficult to assess any one candidate in depth. It can be hard to remember who said what or who was responsible for what part of a team exercise. For this reason, the group interview format is best suited for lower-level positions and public-facing roles. They’re also popular for opening a new business when you need to staff quickly.

Where Does an Interview Fit Within the Hiring Process?

The hiring process essentially breaks down into seven primary stages:

  1. Identify Need and Update Job Description
  2. Develop and Implement Recruitment Plan
  3. Screen Applicants
  4. Interview Candidates
  5. Check References
  6. Extend Offer
  7. Onboard New Hire

Although interviewing is in the middle of the overall hiring process, it’s near the end of the decision-making portion—when only the most qualified candidates compete for your extended time and attention. The hiring decision depends on these final interactions.

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