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Employee Management

What is Employee Management?

Ask any manager and they’ll say that managing their employee is the most challenging part of their day-to-day responsibilities. However, employees are crucial to company success and management is something organizations have to get right. The aspects of employee management include: 

  • Employee Selection: choosing the right candidate during recruitment.
  • Performance Management: ensuring employees are meeting goals.
  • Performance Monitoring: keeping a constant eye on performance and outputs.
  • Employee Communication: ensuring you interact with employees and provide feedback.
  • Rewards & Recognition: providing rewards and recognition for jobs well done.
  • Employee Discipline: exhibiting discipline when poor performance occurs.

Overall, management is how you help transform under-performing employees into exceptional employees.

Employee Management Skills to Acquire:

In order to help transform your under-performing employees, it’s important that management acquires, or has a strong grip on the following skills:

  • Leading by example
  • Providing growth opportunities
  • Creating positive workplace environments
  • Sets clear and realistic goals

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