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Career Break

What Is a Career Break?

A career break is an extended full-time break from the workforce for various reasons. This break can be short-term with only a few months of absence or even a more extensive long-term break of a year or two. Career breaks have traditionally been seen as a sabbatical initially starting as unpaid or paid leave from academic careers in academia. But they have slowly become more acceptable in companies outside of academia.

What Are Common Reasons for Career Breaks?

There are many reasons employees may take a step back from their careers. Some reasons are circumstantial such as medical issues, layoffs, or pursuing new professional development. Other causes can be personal, from starting a family to the caretaking responsibilities of a loved one.

Are Career Breaks a Red Flag?

It used to be a red flag for a candidate when there was a gap in their resume. Still, organizations are starting to become more understanding, particularly when the competition for top candidates has increased.

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