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Amazon Care

What Is Amazon Care?

Amazon Care is a healthcare service that allows enrolled employees access to on-demand medical care. The service provides 24/7 virtual access to clinicians who can provide medical consultations, advice, treatments, and even referrals. 

Currently, there are in-person options for those living in either the Washington-Baltimore metro or Seattle areas, where you can schedule an appointment for a mobile nurse to come to your home. The service is in partnership with Care Medical, an independent medical practice. 

Amazon’s expansion into the healthcare industry represents one of their biggest bets yet. A push to provide virtual and mobile care to employees is just the tip of the iceberg. Having focused initially on internal employees, they have now begun accumulating outside clients.

How Has Amazon Care Expanded?

Now, Amazon has set its sights on providing services to clients in 20 different states. Continue reading to learn more about what this expansion entails and how it could affect the future of healthcare.

Amazon has already expanded virtual and in-person services to Seattle, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Baltimore, Boston, Austin, and Los Angeles. With other healthcare giants like Walgreens and CVS investing heavily in expanding their physical healthcare practices, Amazon hopes to stay competitive with its more comprehensive solution in more locations. This solution has already attracted customers like Silicon Labs and TrueBlue this year, drawn by the large pool of high-quality clinicians and on-demand access to the service. 

With Amazon Care, clients will have access to virtual assistance seven days a week from one of Amazon’s network of clinicians. Amazon Care will even dispatch a nurse to a client’s home if they need in-person care. 

In May of 2021, Amazon Care began providing remote care for employees of Precor, a fitness equipment company that Peloton recently acquired. In late 2021, Amazon Care took on Hilton as a client, its largest to date. 

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