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360 Survey

What is a 360 Survey?

The goal of a 360 survey is to gather anonymous feedback about an employee from the people who work closely together with the individual, including managers, peers, reports, and more. 

360 surveys don’t focus on performance, but rather on the aspects of the employee’s behavior. The survey provides the opportunity to help the employee improve their interactions, communication, and overall job performance. 

Because the survey is anonymous, it provides a great opportunity to find blind spots in your perceived self without adding strain to your professional relationships. 

The overall goal of a 360 survey? To learn things about yourself that wouldn’t have been discovered otherwise.

Is 360 Feedback Important?

They are powerful tools that aid employee development and growth – as long as the surveys are constructive. 

The overall outcome can impact an entire team if the review is centered on helping personal growth that’s aligned with the organization’s goals.

When Should I Implement 360 Surveys?

These surveys are great for promoting the kind of culture that your organization needs.

You should use them when your company wants to:

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