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PTO That Feels Personal

BerniePortal’s PTO feature offers a variety of customizable features to help leadership teams put a personal touch on their PTO plan. HR can specify how employees earn their time off—lump sum or accrual—and assign managers approval access. If your PTO policy offers more days to specific employee groups—part-time vs. full-time employees or managers vs. reportees—you can create subgroups to categorize employees. Whether a vacation or sick day, monitoring time off shouldn’t take all your time.


BerniePortal’s organizational-wide PTO calendar allows approvers to keep tabs on who is out of office, and employees to make more informed time off decisions. The calendar is customizable to allow employees access to just their team’s time off or across the whole organization.

Request PTO from Anywhere

BerniePortal’s self-service PTO feature makes it easy for employees to plan and submit their time-off requests from anywhere.

Seamless Flow to Payroll

BerniePortal’s Payroll feature seamlessly populates employee PTO data, including customizable holiday hours, for every pay period. Admins can rest easy with more accurate paydays and less manual data entry.

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Organizing and tracking PTO and time off requests is a breeze with everything stored in BerniePortal.

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