Pay Your Employees Quickly And Accurately Without The Spreadsheets

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Pay Employees on Time

Eliminate Paycheck Errors

Ditch Multiple Spreadsheets

Accurate Data

The Payroll feature seamlessly populates employee data from BerniePortal for more accurate paydays. HR teams can rest easy knowing an employee’s benefit deductions, time and attendance, and PTO days will auto-populate every pay period. For further transparency and accuracy, employees can view all their pay stubs directly from their BerniePortal account.

Tax Compliance

When running payroll, it’s crucial to remain compliant with tax regulations. BerniePortal withholds taxes for every payroll run.

Customizable Subgroups and Settings

Not every paycheck looks the same—and neither does every employer’s payroll. BerniePortal is entirely customizable and allows administrators to create subgroups of employees with different pay schedules or multiple EINs. Custom earning and deduction types can be added on a pre- or post-tax basis.

Dedicated Support

Your organization can feel confident on payday with a designated BerniePortal support team of payroll experts. We recognize the importance of timely and accurate payroll, and from the moment implementation starts, BerniePortal is here to help.

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With BerniePortal Payroll you can have efficient and error-free paydays with auto-populated data and self-service features that encourage transparency.

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