1095-C Cheat Sheet

Filling out Form 1095-C can be complicated, and mistakes run the risk of non-compliance with the IRS—which can lead to severe penalties. But you can use this downloadable cheat sheet to ensure your tax season is easy and pain-free.

What’s Inside:

Instructions and descriptions for the following:

  • Line 14 codes
  • Line 16 codes
  • Part III of Form 1095-C for self-insured employers

Learn the answers to questions like:

  • When would I use Code 2A over Code 2B for an employee?
  • When are Line 15 values required?
  • How do I calculate affordability based on the single mainland federal poverty line?
  • Which Applicable Section 4980H Affordability Safe Harbor code (2E, 2F, 2G, 2H) applies to my employees?
  • When do I need to fill out Part III of Form 1095-C?
  • And more!

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