Product Updates

Want to know what BerniePortal's been up to? We've been busy! Take a look at our past updates and feature releases.

Product Updates

Want to know what BerniePortal's been up to? We've been busy! Take a look at our past updates and feature releases.

August 2022

  1. Update requiring employees to verify personal information during open enrollment
  2. Messaging improvements in “To-Do List”

July 2022

  1. More detail on PTO request emails to approvers
  2. Updates to the Employee Search Bar
  3. Guided Enrollment now displays Applied and Approved Amounts for Voluntary Life

June 2022

  1. BerniePortal’s New Payroll Feature

May 2022

  1. Cloning Onboarding Checklists
  2. Cloning Offboarding Checklists

March 2022

  1. Employee Compensation Tab Relabeled as “Payroll”
  2. Direct Deposit Information moving to Employee Payroll Area
  3. Custom Fields

February 2022

  1. Applicant Tracking Custom Emails
  2. Applicant Tracking Questions Library
  3. Update Allowing Employees to Enroll in Prior Offer Plans

January 2022

  1. Knowledge Base Integration with BerniePortal
  2. Bills: Updated Primary Navigation Menu and Style Changes
  3. Improved Employee Profile Area

November 2021

  1. Ability for Employers to Add Carrier Forms to Plan
  2. Design Improvements to Applicant Tracking

October 2021

  1. New Options for Generating Performance Surveys
  2. Ability to Reset PTO Based On the Employer’s Fiscal Year
  3. Upgrades to PTO

September 2021

  1. Google Workspace Integration
  2. New Status for Declined Candidates in Applicant Tracking
  3. New Email Settings for Hiring Managers and Influencers

August 2021

  1. Separate BernieBills Generated for each Department or Division Within an Organization
  2. Updated BerniePortal Knowledge Base
  3. Improved Employee Plans Area
  4. Enhanced Benefits Feature Design

July 2021

  1. Time & Attendance: Allow Employees to Indicate Where Their Time Worked Should Be Allocated
  2. More Types of Employee Information Can Now Be Updated Via the “Mass Update” Capability
  3. Improvements to the “Plan Documents” Component for Plan Configuration

June 2021

  1. New org chart functionality
  2. Improvements to subgroup assignment capabilities
  3. PTO calendar now available to employees
  4. New BernieBill Benefit Provider: Alpine

May 2021

  1. COBRA: Assistance-eligible under ARPA
  2. Updating Spouse/Dependent gender and birthdates outside of enrollment
  3. PTO Holidays are now accounted for on the “Payroll: Time & PTO” report

April 2021

  1. New offboarding checklists
  2. New employee census spreadsheet
  3. Changing “None” designation to “Not assigned” for subgroups

March 2021

  1. Compliance feature updates
  2. New Surveys allow employers to create and send surveys to employees about individuals or about the organization as a whole.

February 2021

  1. Employees Can View COBRA Details
  2. Checklists Now Appear for Global Admins and Managers Immediately Upon Adding a New Hire
  3. Prior Offer in Offer Overview

January 2021

  1. Team Directory
  2. New PTO Report
  3. Onboarding Improvements

September 2020

  1. Passive Open Enrollment / Auto-Enrollment

August 2020

  1. Managers of Employees will now see “Checklists” for their reports
  2. Added Benefit Reduction settings for LTD (2) Benefit Type

July 2020

  1. Age Report
  2. Medical Bridge based on Health

May 2020

  1. Upcoming Offer Update

April 2020

  1. Custom Reports: New Data Element
  2. Custom Reports: Ability to retrieve benefits information when generating for any type of Subgroup and not just Benefits Subgroups

March 2020

  1. Employee List Page

February 2020

  1. New Federal I-9
  2. Onboarding Checklists

January 2020

  1. New “General Docs” navigation item for Employees
  2. New W-4 to reflect government’s new W-4

November 2019

  1. Option to add additional PDFs at the beginning of the enrollment experience for employees
  2. Applicant Tracking Dashboard
  3. Applicant Tracking To-Do List

October 2019

  1. Mass Salary Update
  2. Applicant Tracking Improvements
  3. Four New Benefit Types

August 2019

  1. Improvemetns to standard reports
  2. Life benefit can now be based on Health election

June 2019

  1. New Downloadable Report Option: Payroll
  2. Employee Interface Improvements

May 2019

  1. Reports: Option to Include/Not Include Terminated Employees
  2. Number of Deductions: 52, 48, 26, 12 and 10
  3. New Benefit Type: Limited FSA
  4. New Option: FSA Benefit

April 2019

  1. New Employee Hire Types: K-1 and Test
  2. Election PDF: Additional Beneficiary Information

March 2019

  1. New Downloadable Report Option: Onboarding
  2. Improved Interface Under the Reports Tab
  3. Customizable Reports

February 2019

  1. New BerniePortal Feature: Performance Management

January 2019

  1. “At a Glace” PTO Calendar
  2. New Employee Status: COBRA