Product Updates

Want to know what BerniePortal's been up to? We've been busy! Take a look at our past updates and feature releases.

March 2020

  1. Employee List Page

February 2020

  1. New Federal I-9
  2. Onboarding Checklists

January 2020

  1. New “General Docs” navigation item for Employees
  2. New W-4 to reflect government’s new W-4

November 2019

  1. Option to add additional PDFs at the beginning of the enrollment experience for employees
  2. Applicant Tracking Dashboard
  3. Applicant Tracking To-Do List

October 2019

  1. Mass Salary Update
  2. Applicant Tracking Improvements
  3. Four New Benefit Types

August 2019

  1. Improvemetns to standard reports
  2. Life benefit can now be based on Health election

June 2019

  1. New Downloadable Report Option: Payroll
  2. Employee Interface Improvements

May 2019

  1. Reports: Option to Include/Not Include Terminated Employees
  2. Number of Deductions: 52, 48, 26, 12 and 10
  3. New Benefit Type: Limited FSA
  4. New Option: FSA Benefit

April 2019

  1. New Employee Hire Types: K-1 and Test
  2. Election PDF: Additional Beneficiary Information

March 2019

  1. New Downloadable Report Option: Onboarding
  2. Improved Interface Under the Reports Tab
  3. Customizable Reports

February 2019

  1. New BerniePortal Feature: Performance Management

January 2019

  1. “At a Glace” PTO Calendar
  2. New Employee Status: COBRA

November 2018

  1. Paid Time Off: Request time off in 15-minute increments
  2. Paid Time Off: User Interface Enhancements
  3. Paid Time Off: Employee Audit Area

October 2018

  1. Indeed Integration: Automated Job Posting to Indeed
  2. Indeed Integration: Automated Posting of Candidates and Applications from Indeed to BerniePortal