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Meet the BerniePortal team that sets us apart from other HR platforms.

Employer & Advisor Success

With these BerniePortal pros on your team, you never go it alone. BerniePortal is a partnership, and our Employer & Advisor Success teams sets the standard when it comes to support for both administrators and benefits advisors. Have a question, want an upgrade or need a helping hand? They’re just a phone call away.

Over the last 6 years, I've been given the opportunity to work on many different projects and develop a variety of skills that will serve me for the rest of my career. I also genuinely enjoy all the people I work with. It's inspiring to work with people who are all so committed to the same goal."

Lindsey Van Cleave Advisor Success Team

“I love working with the Advisor Success team because we're a team that works hard but has fun while doing it. I genuinely enjoy coming to work every day.”

David Terry Advisor Success Team

"This company has helped shape me into the individual and professional that I am today and along the way I have made some lifelong friends. The skills and relationship building here are unlike anywhere else."

Taylor Dennis Advisor Success Team

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Check out our open positions on the Employer and Advisor Success team:

Employer Success Associate

The Employer Success team works closely with the BerniePortal Advisor Success team to help employers implement and manage BerniePortal’s upgrade features and BernieBill.

Nashville, TN

Product & Development

The Product & Development team builds our best-in-class features. Coding experts, technical rockstars and expert engineers – they turn ideas into code, and HR dreams into reality. (Yes, we have HR dreams.)

“The best part of BerniePortal is the people. I truly love working with the team here.”

Alex Tolbert BerniePortal CEO

Software Sales

Want to learn more about BerniePortal? We know a couple people. They know our product inside and out and are ready to help businesses around the country upgrade their HR capabilities.

“Innovation. A drive to innovate and make the customer experience better and in turn making our company a better place to work. Vision. We constantly scan the horizon looking for what else we can do to improve our product for our clients so they can get back to their vision.“

Craft Hayes Software Sales

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Check out our open positions on the Software Sales team:

SaaS Sales Consultant

The SaaS Sales Consultant role is the key to lead generation and sales growth for BerniePortal, our all-in-one HR software, and BernieForms, our modern, affordable health questionnaire solution.

Nashville, TN


If you’re reading this, we’re halfway there! This team is all about providing employers and advisors everything they need to know for HR success. We’ve got resources galore and can’t wait to hear from you.

“The Marketing team is responsible for supporting and directly contributing to BerniePortal's rapid growth. This means things move fast, no days are the same, and the ability to impact the company with your ideas is recognizable.”

Sarah Weinstein Marketing

Organization Success

They face the same HR challenges as every other small business – but lucky for them, they’ve got a best-in-class solution at their fingertips – and the work they do helps us get that solution to you.

“I can't put my finger on exactly what the secret sauce is, but over 15 years we've somehow created one of the best cultures in the country for anyone interested in solving healthcare and HR problems with technology. There's a sense we're building something special together.”

Ryan McCostlin Organizational Success

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Check out our open positions on the Organizational Success team:

Office Administrator

In this role, you’ll support the entire organization by performing back office operations that keep us going and growing. Responsibilities include managing accounts receivable (making sure we get paid), running payroll, onboarding new employees and setting up their iMacs, event planning, e.g. coordinating monthly lunches and internal training conferences.

Nashville, TN

Take a look at all our open positions!

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Take a look at all our open positions!

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