• Before Bernie, we administered all of our benefits with paperwork. This was a big time-waster and frustrating for our 25 employees. Cumbersome paperwork processes also discouraged us from offering the full range of benefits to our employees. With Bernie, we saved a lot of time while projecting a more modern image to our people. It has also enabled us to offer a much more robust benefits package.

    Becky Sharpe,
  • The existence of BerniePortal has helped tremendously with the ability to administer Defined Contribution. The ability to easily choose from a variety of benefits with a bucket of money has allowed employees to make benefits personalized and tailored to their needs. This has generated new opportunities for groups that didn't have a streamlined system previously.

    Josh Gregory,
    General Agency
  • We have multiple locations across the United States, and so administering benefits with paperwork was a big headache. With Bernie, our employees are a lot happier and we are able to do more things, like change carriers and save money, with our benefits more efficiently. I highly recommend it to any employer who is currently using paperwork to administer benefits.

    Elizabeth Nuckolls,
    Human Resources
  • Mercy Ministries has over 100 employees in locations across the United States. Paper-based benefits admin processes meant that open enrollment every year was a nightmare. Adding a new employee or administering a qualifying event change with paper was very cumbersome to execute. Everything is easier now with Bernie, and our employees are much happier. Highly recommend!

    Christy Singleton,
    Executive Director
  • We have 35 employees with diverse backgrounds. At first I was hesitant about using the BerniePortal because I was concerned about how some of our staff would handle an online system. We're three years in, and the BerniePortal has been a great success. The system is easy to use and I can be confident knowing that all my employee information is up to date each year.

    Rachel Schneider,
    VP Finance and HR
  • We are a law firm that employs over 200 people.  Paper-based benefits administration was a big waste of time not only for our attorneys, but everyone at the firm.  Going online with BerniePortal saved us time and money.  We also love that our people and spouses have year-round access to their benefits.  The BerniePortal team has been highly responsive when we have issues or questions. I highly recommend it.

    Cindy Morel,
    Benefits Specialist