Feature Tour: Broker

Actionable reporting
Plan better for the year ahead
How many of your clients offer long term disability? How many renew their benefits September 1st? Are you sure?
It's tough to keep up with all this information. Bernie makes it easier. Reports are automatically compiled so you can be more organized for the year ahead. This saves you time and helps you better serve your clients.

There are even graphs. Yes, graphs.
Error checking
Get clean data the first time
Start with an employee election form with no birthdate filled in. Add holding up getting information to the carriers. Sprinkle in a late ID card. Mix in support requests to file claims incurred while waiting on that ID card. Finish with tears of frustration.
Stop the madness. Get clean data the first time. Bernie will make sure you do.
Then, you'll have more time to take your favorite dog on a (long) walk. She's earned it.
Client review
All client info in one place. Employee info, too.
You've worked hard. The result: you have a lot of clients, who in turn have a lot of employees. It's difficult to keep up with when they all renew. What benefits they all offer. What they all charge for all those benefits. What all their employees selected.
Well, at least it used to be difficult. With Bernie on your side, it's easy. Our boy guards all this information for you, for all of your clients, all their employees, all in one place.
Whew! We don't know how he does it either.
Differentiate yourself
Not all brokers are as tech savvy as you are. Differentiate yourself!
Employers are fed up with paper-based benefits administration. It makes some employees cry. Those who manage to hold back the tears still resent it. Many employers are switching to online benefits administration software. And not all brokers are tech-savvy enough to lead their clients to a better place.
Differentiate yourself by showing that you are. You know Bernie's going to be there with you. Every step of the way.