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BerniePortal launched in 2008, but the story really starts with our sister company, Bernard Health, a Nashville-founded healthcare benefits brokerage. As brokers, our team had seen first-hand the benefits and HR challenges that small and medium-sized employers face.

These challenges are generally transactional or strategic. Transactional challenges, like payroll and onboarding, are best solved with software. But with the strategic challenges of healthcare benefits, software alone won’t get you the optimal results. That’s where an experienced advisor provides immense value.

BerniePortal is based on this insight. Our aim is to give employers the tools to solve transactional HR and benefits challenges with software, and strategic healthcare benefits problems with the expertise of an advisor. This approach gives employers the best of both worlds, yielding optimal outcomes for the organization and its employees.

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BerniePortal 1.0 launched in Nashville, TN


Users in all 50 states


Team members located across the US

Your Broker

You can work with any health insurance broker you want. In fact, your current broker may already be using BerniePortal with other clients.

Client Success

This is a BerniePortal Team Member who helps your broker and you take advantage of the full range of Bernie’s HR functionality.

Integration Analyst

Also a BerniePortal Team Member, this person will help ensure integrations between Bernie and your payroll and insurance companies run smoothly.

Making Headlines

Why brokers need their own benefits admin platform

October 07, 2016

A benefits administration platform can help with that hassle, but only if it is done right, Alex Tolbert, founder of BerniePortal, said last week at EBA’s Workplace Benefits Summit in Nashville, Tenn.

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Limelight Health technology chosen as health insurance quoting platform for BerniePortal, online HR software company

July 21, 2016

Limelight Health, provider of enterprise technology for the employee benefits industry, today announced that it will partner with BerniePortal, an all-in-one software platform to manage HR and benefits.

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Benchmark Realty, Bernard Health, Centerstone, Frist Center, Tennessee Chamber announce updates

July 1, 2016

Nashville-based Bernard Health recently recognized 10 years of operations.

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How a Nashville firm is responding to the fall of a Silicon Valley unicorn

February 29, 2016

The highly publicized troubles of San Francisco human resources technology startup Zenefits is a sign of business opportunities to come for BerniePortal.

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HR and benefits are moving online: can you handle this?

January / February 2016

If more than 50% of employers go online with benefits and HR in the next five years, it follows that more than 50% of your book of business will go online, too.

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How payroll giant ADP's fight with a startup opened a door for Nashville's Bernard Health

July 15, 2015

The fight between publicly traded payroll giant ADP and human resources startup Zenefits has been billed – by Zenefits, at least – as a David and Goliath struggle between a legacy industry leader and a scrappy upstart.

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